Honey Garlic Chicken

This Honey Garlic Chicken recipe is very easy to make and takes practically zero effort but is absolutely delicious. The chicken marinade ingredients are simple and just work. Ingredients for Honey Garlic Chicken: 1 lb chicken tights 2 tbsp avocado oil 4 cloves garlic 3 tbsp honey 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp Kosher saltContinue reading “Honey Garlic Chicken”

“Herring Under a Fur Coat” Salad (Shuba)

I am so excited to share this “Herring Under a Fur Coat” Salad with you! This is a classic Russian “Shuba” salad and it is five layers of delicious pleasure. The combination of flavours is unusual and will excite your taste. Shuba means – a layered salad of pickled herring fillets, finely chopped onion, beets,Continue reading ““Herring Under a Fur Coat” Salad (Shuba)”

Garlic Croutons

Have you ever made your own Garlic Croutons? I’m here to help you through the process. Warm homemade Garlic Croutons pack tons of good flavor, turn out crisp but still melt in your mouth, and are simple to make. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. Ingredients for Garlic Croutons: 6 slices of breadContinue reading “Garlic Croutons”

Oven Baked Chicken with Dry Fruits

I have served this chicken on lunch or dinner on family events for years, and it’s a go-to for a quick and easy recipe. The chicken gets caramelized from the glossy and delicious sauce of dry fruits and the result is just wonderful. It is easy and excellent recipe. The chicken ingredients are simple and just work.Continue reading “Oven Baked Chicken with Dry Fruits”

Broccoli Puréed Soup

This Broccoli Puréed Soup recipe is loaded with fresh broccoli. It has delicious buttery taste, vivid green colour and it is surprisingly easy to make. It is my very favourite soup to make and is the one of the most loved soups in the family menu. I hope this Broccoli Soup becomes your new favouriteContinue reading “Broccoli Puréed Soup”

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